Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 17, 6 July, Return journey begins.. Pangong to Pang

It was the starting day of our return journey. Our actual plan was to visit Tso Moriri and Tso Kar as well. However, the time left was very short so we had to cancel it.
We started pretty early around 6 am and it was damn cold. Especially, when we were driving the bike, we could feel our fingers were frozen. The clouds and chilling wind were making the matter worse. Around 8 am, we reached in Tangstey. We ordered for breakfast in a small restaurant. While we were sitting there, we were trying to get as much as sunlight on our bodies as they were almost frozen :).

Soon, we headed towards Chang La. Around 11 am, we reached there without much problems.
Between, we spotted some Himalayan Blue Ships and could capture some snaps. Again, here we had some tea. Also, we met a person from Mumbai who was coming in Ladakh every year for last 7 years. We exchanged some of our experiences. One more thing was that the army person told us that the temperature was in negatives which was really surprising for us.

Then, we continued again and passed by Sakti village to reach Karu. Now, we had to leave Ladakh region heading towards Manali. Before that, we had some good lunch and rest.
Around 1 pm, we started to move towards Pang. Road was in pretty good condition till Tanglang La, the third highest pass(17,582ft) other than the roads at the peak. After some time, we were on the famous More plains, a relatively flat piece of land, located at an altitude of 15,400ft.

In the beginning, road was in relatively good state. Later, we had to drive through soft sand along side the road as the construction of road was going on.
It was really hard to find path as the big vehicles has made long trajectories and it was not possible to drive bike on such path. Moreover, the cold wind blowing made the task really challenging.
We could imagine what would be the condition of this place in winters. We saw some cyclists riding on such route. I really wonder how they do it. B-)
Around 6 pm, we managed to reach Pang. We had thought, it would be a small village. However, it was just a small place with some hotel tents. As it was all open place, freezing wind was blowing making us impossible to step outside the tent. Also, these winds could give you a big headache unless you take care of your ears.
We could not have a good sleep at that night as it was not very comfortable.

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