Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 4, 23 June, On the way to Srinagar

As we had decided last night, we could not manage to start it that early. We started the journey from Kud around 7 am.
The clutch problem was still persisting. So, the progress was pretty slow.
Around 9 am, we were in Ramban where we took some breakfast, the famous Rajama-Chaval.
The quantity of the food was so much that I felt this would suffice for lunch as well :)

Then, we continued towards Srinagar. Between, we took some small breaks for photos as well as rest.

Jammu-Srinagar highway goes through some of the most beautiful scenic vistas. We enjoyed it as we were heading to the destination. The valleys, river and dense forests of pine were all around us for our company.

Around afternoon, we crossed the Nehru tunnel which is ~3 Kms long. After crossing the tunnel, it was a small halt to take first glimpse of Kashmir valley.

At 3 pm, we entered Srinagar city. First aim was to search for an accommodation. There were 2 alternatives. One was stay in a normal hotel or in a houseboat.
We chose the second one and went to a houseboat on Jhelum river. The deal was finalized on 500 Rs per day.

Till evening, we took the much needed rest. Then, we went for dinner near Dal gate.
But, the traffic in that area was so heavy that it was really difficult to drive a two wheeler as well.
Somehow, we managed to find a good place to park our bike and had some good meal after 3 days.
Although we were lagging behind by one day, we decided to spend the next day in Sringar and explore some famous places around Dal Lake.
Also, the most important thing was to get the bike repaired before proceeding towards Leh.


  1. where are the snaps... ?
    one picture is equivalent to thousand words :)

  2. I lost the snaps from first part of trip while rafting :P