Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 15, 4 July, Back from Nubra..

In the morning, we went again to the desert to take a closer look at it's beauty. Actually, our motive was to check for any wildlife existence. However, we were short of time. After spending

an hour amid the sparkling sand and shrub forest, we returned back to our room.
Our first destination was Diskit monastery. It was built in 1420 AD and is located on a high hill and offers fantastic views of Shyok river basin. Here, we again met Mr. Ali. He said us that they had found the location of one unknown lake close to Panamik. I told him that we would follow their car.
Later, we continued our journey to Sumur and then to Panamik.
Road towards Panamik is a very well laid so the journey was pretty comfortable.
The road passes by Nubra river through some of the magnificent vistas of nature.
Between, we lost the track of their car. Ultimately, we reached at Panamik around 11.30 am.
We climbed up till the hot water spring. Although, there is nothing much to explore but again the height offered good panaromic view of the riverbed and mountains.

It was time to get back to Leh. Soon, we were at the bifurcation leading to Diskit. Here, we had our lunch. Menu was as usual maggie :). Actually, we could have stopped at Khalsar which has much better options of meal.
We reached Leh at around 6 pm with small breaks. We had some snacks at south pullu and a small halt at Khardung La. Journey was good other than a few kilometers at Khardung La.

Again, it was exciting and challenging to drive through such roads.
As, the agent had promised, he gave us the permits for Tso moriri making it for 7 days in total. So, we were not worried as far as the permits were considered.
The next day, we had to move to Pangong Tso.

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