Thursday, July 16, 2009

D day.... Journey kicks off

The train to Jammu was scheduled at 5.20 pm on 20 June 2009. However, I had to reach the station 2 hours before to load the bike in the train.
So, I left my home with Papa around 2 pm. As we reached camp area, it started pouring. First heavy rain of the monsoon, right on the time of my departure :).
I decided to continue till station by auto rickshaw to save myself and the luggage from getting drenched. Also, I asked Papa to ride with the bike till station. So far so good. I reached station area and still it was pouring and before I reached under some good shelter I was little bit drenched in rain :)
At the same time, Papa was heavily drenched while driving down here :(.
Then, started the process to get the bike on the train. This was our first time to do such thing.
The luggage dept officer charged around 1700 Rs. Then, the bike packing person charged 300 Rs. and in addition, we paid 200+ Rs for loading the bike on train.
As, we were novice to all this stuff and did not want to take any risk at the start of journey, we paid all those extra charges. Otherwise I think, the packing and loading can be done in 300 Rs only.

Around 4.45 pm, my brother, Suraj joined us at the station as he had to attend exams.
Finally, we boarded on the train and after all the byes and caring words from parents, our journey kicked off.


  1. Sorry dude...,was not able to come to say you tata....! something more important came ....

  2. No problem dude.. I know, you would have come!!